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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lambs are jumping everywhere

We added 3 bred ewes to the flock in November and not knowing their breeding history it was a surprise when one lambed in December with triplets.  Expected lambing dates were thought to be January.  Of this set the biggest bar far is one we named Labam.  A very striking panda colored ram lamb.  Getting on track in January another ewe lambed with twins.  Actually had two ewes lamb on this day each with a set of twins.  The last of the new trio was a huge ewe named Flower.... she kept us waiting & waiting & waiting.... finally last Saturday night about 10 pm she lambed with a set of triplets.  Out of 10 ewes there were 18 lambs born between Dec 2013 - Mar 2014.  We have our eye on a few for showing at the Country Fair in early August.

As they mature there will be very nice ewe and ram lambs for sale.

Lebam (12-29-2013) triplet ram lamb

Yearling ewe & her single ram lamb by Derby

January set of twins out of our eldest ewe. This one is a ram lamb

Freckles a 2010 ewe had twin ram lambs in mid January.  Such a looker.

The ewe lamb out of our eldest ewe. Born mid January.

One of the Flower triplets born 3-1-2014 & the end of our lambing season.

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