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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Meet Tim the bottle lamb

We were surprised yet again with a yearling ewe lambing with twins.  Sadly we lost the little ewe sis soon after birth and worried about this little one we got him to take a bottle.  He is coming 3 wks old and now up to 11 lbs.  He is still with his mother ewe so he thinks and acts like a lamb/sheep.  He just likes to run up and say hi if I have a bottle in my hand.  We will wether him so he may be a farm pet or company for other rams or ewes during weaning time.  Since he was so small at birth we named him Tiny Tim.

Tiny Tim, Gladys and Ruby Tuesday

Needing to wean a pair of October lambs I put Ruby Tuesday (panda faced) ewe in with Gladys and her lamb to give them both sheep company.  Gladys walks well on a lead but not knowing how they would all react being out in the field today I figured I better work a little on walking manners. Ruby Tuesday has a huge flight response to anything so it was really for her we put leads on and  wore them all day.  Hopefully next time is easier for her.

In a container....

What is it about containers and lambs.  So many climb in after the food has been eaten and take a nap or time out.  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Just can't stop taking lamb pictures

We have been blessed with less rain so the standing water can finally go away.  The mother ewes and enjoying more time in the pasture with the grass starting to come on and sunshine for lambs to play and grow.  After bringing them back to the barn it is so enjoyable to sit down and let the little ones sniff shoes, nibble hair and catch fun pictures.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lambs are jumping everywhere

We added 3 bred ewes to the flock in November and not knowing their breeding history it was a surprise when one lambed in December with triplets.  Expected lambing dates were thought to be January.  Of this set the biggest bar far is one we named Labam.  A very striking panda colored ram lamb.  Getting on track in January another ewe lambed with twins.  Actually had two ewes lamb on this day each with a set of twins.  The last of the new trio was a huge ewe named Flower.... she kept us waiting & waiting & waiting.... finally last Saturday night about 10 pm she lambed with a set of triplets.  Out of 10 ewes there were 18 lambs born between Dec 2013 - Mar 2014.  We have our eye on a few for showing at the Country Fair in early August.

As they mature there will be very nice ewe and ram lambs for sale.

Lebam (12-29-2013) triplet ram lamb

Yearling ewe & her single ram lamb by Derby

January set of twins out of our eldest ewe. This one is a ram lamb

Freckles a 2010 ewe had twin ram lambs in mid January.  Such a looker.

The ewe lamb out of our eldest ewe. Born mid January.

One of the Flower triplets born 3-1-2014 & the end of our lambing season.