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For Sale

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2014  Registered Breed Stock:
Lambs for sale

Our farm participates in the Scrapie program and we are registered with WA State /APHIS
All breeding stock on the farm last summer was bio security screened for OPP, CL and Jonne's.  All were negative.  Prices subject to change without notice.  Questions or current info please contact me

Picture taken 5/6/2014
Flash - SLB 1403 - ram
(GI Joe WPR19 x Zelda KRK3353)
Very dark brown ram lamb born 2/28/2014
Showing Clark County Fair Aug 2014 - Available for pre purchase.

Picture taken 5/6/2014
Hoss - SLB1409 - ram
(Derby KRK1067 x Mocha KRK1037)
Red/white marked  born 1/25/2014
Showing Clark County Fair Aug 2014 - Available for pre purchase

Picture taken April 2014
Ram lamb, twin born 1/17/2014 $250.00

Picture taken 5/10/2014
Jack Ruby (Aragon x Ruby)  Ram
Twin born October 2014

Picture taken 5/10/2014
RubyTuesday (Aragon x Ruby) Ewe
Twin, born October 2014
More stock is available and will be listed as I can get pictures and info updated.  Check back often for the current list.

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